Job Search with, for, and on Purpose @ JSFG Mon Nov 3rd... hope you'll be there

posted Oct 30, 2014, 7:57 AM by Admin One

"There is profound greatness inside every single one of us ...develop what you've got & help others develop theirs" -Bob Pautke 

Job Search Focus Group (JSFG) next meets on Monday Nov 3, 2014 

8:00am Welcome Orientation for first-timers (Library, 1st floor) 

9:00–11:15am Good News in Little Theater, 2nd floor:  
         PEN Point: "A Life of Permanent Purpose" -Bob Pautke 
         Workshop: "Job Searching with Purpose?" -Tasha Riekstins  

11:30am "SOAR with Strengths" with Bob Pautke  
         COBRA Alternatives & Health Benefits -Kasey Young & Dan Kuderer 

Job Search Focus Group 
    @ Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church 
    1345 Grace Ave (corner of Grace & Observatory Ave) 
    Cincinnati, OH 45245 
I hope to read your graduation notice on Monday ...otherwise I'll see you there!  

All the Best in Purposeful Employment, 
   -Bob Pautke 

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