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Job Search Focus Group Cincinnati, JSFG, Career Transition & Business Networking Group meets  next on Monday, January 22, 2018, 9-11:00am. First time new member orientation at 8:00am.

Location: Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church, 1345 Grace at Observatory Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45208.

Next meeting: Monday, January 22, 2018, in Hyde Park

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Job Search Focus Group (JSFG) meets next on Monday, January 8, 2018. We are a business networking and career transition group that meets weekly on Mondays in Hyde Park, 1345 Grace at Observatory. 

Join us on Monday, 1/8/2018, at 9:00am. The 10am general session will feature guest speaker Kevin Holt from Ohio Means Jobs!  

JSFG Meetings: Mondays 9:00am in Hyde Park

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Job Search Focus Group, a career transition and business networking group that meets weekly in Hyde Park, offers relevant guest speakers weekly and pertinent information to help professionals in job and career transition (i.e., networking, dialogue with local companies, and access to area job postings). JSFG members successfully navigate their career transition and job search through purposeful networking, connecting, and building business relationships in an encouraging and supportive environment. JSFG meets weekly on Mondays from 9-11am. First time orientation at 8am. |

Monday Morning Agenda

8:00-9:00am            Orientation for First-Time Visitors | Library, First Floor, Nan Stricker, JSFG VP Admin.

            General Session | Little Theater, Second Floor, Brian Holbrook, JSFG President

         Guest Speaker, new speaker weekly on a topic relevant to being in translation 

    Open Networking and/or Workshop

Job Search Focus Group Cincinnati

Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church

1345 Grace at Observatory Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45208

phone 513-979-8167, office staffed daily 9a-3p! 

www.jobsearchfocusgroup.com or www.jsfg.com

Follow us on LinkedIn at Job Search Focus Group of Hyde Park (Cincinnati)

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