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Job Search Focus Group Cincinnati (JSFG) career transition and business networking group meets on Monday, January 29, 2018 @9-11am, 1st time only at 8am. Location: Hyde Park Community UMC,1345 Grace at Observatory. The 9am general session will be followed by a guest speaker 
Mike Kelly at 10am, "Personal Leadership".

Job Search Focus Group, a career transition & business networking group that meets weekly in Hyde Park, offers relevant guest speakers weekly & pertinent information to help professionals in job & career transition i.e. Networking, Dialogue with local companies & area job postings. JSFG members successfully navigate their transition & job search through purposeful networking, connecting & building business relationships in an encouraging & supportive environment. JSFG meets weekly on Monday’s 9-11am, 1st time orientation at 8am, 
Hyde Park Community UMC, 1345 Grace at Observatory  or 
 ~ Linkedin Job Search Focus Group of Hyde Park (Cincinnati)

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